How to Become a 'Jaw-Dropping’ Saxophone Player With My Unusual ‘Sax Academy' Simplified Learning System

Here's Everything You Get With The Sax Academy Mentoring Program

Module #1

How To Play The Saxophone - A Complete Beginners Guide



  • Recommended for anyone wanting to learn any type of saxophone from your first tones to developing your own unique sound
  • Must-do scales and exercises easily learn how to read music notation as you go
  • All fingering charts and video lessons with close-ups
  • Recommended mouthpiece and reeds
  • Embouchure development
  • Proper breathing technique and much more

I created this course based on what my students told me they wanted which was:

“… step-by-step instruction.”
“… close-ups of all the fingering positions.”
“… close-ups and clear explanations of mouth and tongue positions.”
“… daily exercises to develop a good tone & technique.”
“… easy songs to learn with play-along backing tracks to make it more fun."


Just 30-60 Minutes a Day With This Saxophone Daily Practice Routine Guarantees Results!
This routine I have put together is a solid and strong one specifically for the beginner that can already play all the notes of the saxophone.
Also, if you have been playing for several months to even several years, or played years ago but want to start up again and get steady, positive results.
The 3 Most Important Things to Practice, and in which order:
  1. Tone
  2. Technique
  3. Music
Realistic Expectations After Using This Routine For a Few Months:
  • After 1-3 months, depending on the amount of time and effort put in your daily practicing, you will gain full control of your saxophone’s entire range from low Bb to high F.
  • You will have a stronger and more in tune sound.
  • You will be able to play all 12 major scales and chords.

Module #2

Daily Practice Routine for Beginners

“Your 30 Minute Daily Practice Routine is one of the best I’ve seen. Anyone can get help from it.”
-Tim Tuthill

Module #3

The Saxophone Altissimo Course



4 Part Training Course

It’s natural for anyone that’s been playing sax for a year or two to want to hit those really high notes… they’re so exciting and can be one of the most expressive things to play on a sax!

Have you searched high and low for that secret saxophone altissimo fingering chart in hopes of being able to get up and playing those crazy high notes?

The more fingering charts you find and try out, the more frustrated and confused you’ll get!

What most people don’t realize is that the actual finger positions are only one part of what you need to know.

So what’s the other stuff you must learn in order to conquer the altissimo range on your tenor or alto saxophone?

It’s all laid out for you step-by-step to conquer the saxophone altissimo range.


This course is the culmination of what I’ve learned playing professionally for over 25 years and is a direct response to REPEATED requests from my students who write in asking me for help with:

  1. How to improvise
  2. A step-by-step roadmap
  3. Backing tracks with scores
  4. Improve soloing blues saxophone techniques
  5. Learn how to improvise in an easier explained way
  6. Breakdowns of known sax solos to show how they are put together
  7. A cohesive series of lessons on playing Blues/Rock… particularly improvisation
This is as close to a “magic pill” for playing blues saxophone solos that I could create for you!
It all boils down to just three things:

  1. The right scales with simple, fun, musical daily exercises to make you learn them
  2. A real example of a sax solo from a well-known song that follows these scales and what I teach
  3. Original licks you can copy and use to start a solo on just about any song, anytime, anywhere

Module #4

Killer Blues and Rockin Sax Solos Training Course


Learn from an award-winning saxophone player and 9-time gold record recipient who's toured with many music legends...


What Some Of Our Students Are Saying...

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Johnny Ferriera


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You get all 4 of my Simplified Learning System Courses for one low price

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Improvise over any song you play using key concepts involving only the 7 notes of the major scale


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